Imagine combining live musicianship and an all-request interactive performance with the “get the party started” vibe of a great mix DJ.  

Perfect for a company holiday party, club show or to get the dance floor packed at a wedding reception!

credit: Sue Moodie Photography


Whether it’s those perfect musical touches for your wedding ceremony or adding a touch of sophistication to a corporate event, getting that perfect audio aesthetic to fit the occasion matters. 



Jesse specializes in all forms of pop music including but not limited to: mainstream pop music, folk, country, R&B, soul and jazz from the 1940s to the present.


Planning your wedding can be stressful.  

What if you could simplify that process by hiring one musician who could take care of… 

  • providing the perfect vibe for your wedding ceremony
  • adding the right audio aesthetic for a cocktail hour 
  • AND turning your reception into a memorable party for you guests!

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